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  • Hi, since you're the mod I'm letting you know that I have a pretty big group of images (about 50 or so) that I'd like to add to the wiki. Most of them are either CGs or character introductions from the start of the game, or fanservice events. So I guess this is just sort of asking for your blessing on the image dump and a question for where to put them. Should I just post each of them individually to a character's page? Or put them somewhere else. I'll wait for your response before adding the images. And thank you very much for starting this wiki.

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    • Hey, thanks for contacting me first, I appreciate it.

      My stance currently is that CGs and so on are going to have to be extensively replaced when the game comes out next March (because the PC release will be higher resolution), and since I'm pretty much the only person maintaining the Wiki, it's preferable to just wait it out except for very key events, particularly because when the PC port is released we should be able to have high quality raw images for the CGs rather than screenshots of varying quality from multiple editors. Image management on the Wikia platform is extremely time consuming and it'll be a real pain to have to do it all twice within a 6 month span, especially since the game has a LOT of unlockable CGs. With the raw images from a PC rip it'll be a lot easier since they won't have to be hunted down by individuals and none will be missed out accidentally. Currently, the only CGs I'm planning on using in the interim are the ones from the Extend TV strategy videos (EXAMPLE), since they'll be used in the dungeon plot summaries and it'll limit the amount of images which will have to be replaced.

      Thank you for your offer, but I hope you can understand.

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  • Dude.


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